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    Conscious progress

    Start cannot be stopped

    The concept of sustainable development emerged in the 1970s and 1980s as an alternative to linear economies and the concept of re-use, which created instability in the social and environmental sectors worldwide. At its core, sustainable development rests on a balance between the three elements of the system - the economy, the environment and society.

    An important role in achieving sustainable development is assigned to the transport system, which plays a key role in the life cycle of products, forming a single seamless cycle from raw material suppliers to end-users of products. Thus, the more efficient and sustainable the logistics processes are, the more responsible the supply chain and the product life cycle in general.

    What meanings are reflected in the sustainable development strategy?

    What matters to us is not only the change, but the speed with which we implement it. Changing quickly, we remain leaders in our industry - developing competencies and reaching the top positions.

    Therefore, the name of our strategy consists of two parts. We change not only inside, but also broadcast changes to the freight market. We want our partners and other market participants to «comma» in the right place.

    Part 1: Сonscious progress 

    Through the global transformation of «Monopoly» JSC shows the necessity and importance of the implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the company’s processes, broadcasting its experience and knowledge to the whole market of freight transport.

    Part 2: Start cannot be stopped

    The second part of the title shows the duality and ambiguity that all participants face in anticipation of big changes in the market. Each of us now faces a choice that determines our long-term future. We have defined our role in this process. Now it is your turn to decide where to put the «comma».

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    One of the company’s values
    — «We embrace change»

    «Monopoly» JSC makes a significant contribution to the development of freight transport, society and the environment. Aware of our responsibility, we strive to improve processes and introduce innovative solutions into our activities.

    In 2022, we began implementing a sustainable development strategy that focused on health and well-being, education, staff, infrastructure and the environment.

    We have set ourselves ambitious challenges:

    Raise the standard of living for all participants in the freight market
    Build a new system of training to become a trucker
    Become a leader in reducing the environmental impact of the industry
    Introduce quality standards for road services in the country
    Create a safe and comfortable environment for freight transport across the country

    We believe in our team and in the fact that, despite the ambitious challenges we have set ourselves, we will be able to realise them and thereby benefit our company, our partners and the planet.

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