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Entrepreneurial efficiency. How project participants affect their earnings

In previous articles we talked about the terms of the MONOPOLY.Business project in general. Today we are going to find out what affects the driver's economy every day.

Monthly earnings directly depend on:

1. Car availability on the line, that is, the number of days when the vehicle was used for transportation;

2. Fuel efficiency, that is, compliance with the calculated indicators for the consumption of fuels and lubricants.

Let’s take a closer look at each indicator.

The availability of the transport (or time of effective use of the vehicle) depends on many factors: timely maintenance and repairs, careful handling of the car, calculated logistics. We must not forget about the driver’s rest. All these factors are in the control zone of the project participants.

28 days a month — that is how much the truck should be on the line in order to bring the entrepreneur 90,000-100,000 rubles in monthly earnings. Making this calculation, we took into account that it is important for the project participants to purchase out the truck quickly and get a working vehicle in the end. We also scheduled some period for downtime for technical inspections and repairs.

The issue of the driver’s rest remains a difficult moment for many project participants. Here we offer a solution with replacement drivers: while the entrepreneur is resting from the trip, his vehicle continues to carry loads. Of course, this slightly reduces income, but the benefits outweigh:

1) The driver takes care of his health and life, and this is the most important thing!

2) Expenses will not exceed income. The economy of the business model is based on 2 days of vehicle unavailability (driver’s rest or vehicle repair) per month. Anything from beyond will bring losses of about 10,000 rubles a day. This amount includes payments for truck and car depreciation.

A business approach means that you need to make decisions on your own, keep several tasks in mind at the same time and be aware of the risks. For our part, we try to make it as easy as possible for businessmen in the proje. We give advice based on our experience about what and how to improve processes.

This is where we gradually approach fuel efficiency.

All of our estimates are verified to the smallest detail. The optimal consumption level is 30 liters per 100 km in summer and 32 liters for the same distance in winter. This consumption allows you to withstand the speed limit, daily and monthly average mileage and also save on fuel.

If the driver does not keep within the norm, first of all, he should contact the instructor service so that they identify the cause of the overrun. Experts will evaluate vehicle’s handling technique and give advice on efficient driving. Each project participant can receive personal recommendations absolutely free. The main thing to remember: we provide all the opportunities, but the result depends on the entrepreneur himself.

If everything is good with the driving style, but you still cannot reach the desired level of fuel consumption, you need to check the working capacity of the car. Most likely it will resolve the problem with overspending.

Project MONOPOLY.Business accumulates the experience of a group of companies and specialists who work with us. We know how the cargo transportation business works – from the side of customers, from the side of carriers, and from the side of the driver. Following our recommendations will help you avoid mistakes and losses and earn above average in the project.

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