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    How to get the 2d truck and make money on it: a participant of the MONOPOLY.Business project shares his experience

    In the short – yet – history of the MONOPOLY.Business project a unique event took place: one of the participants, Alexander Zilinsky, rented another truck without completing the 6-year project and without concluding purchase of the first car.

    How he succeeded, and how to build effective work processes, Alexander told us in a short interview, when he arrived to pick up the second truck — Mercedes.

    About the decision to join the project

    «I have been in the project since March 20, 2020 — for more than a year. By the way, I found out about the project quite by accident, there was no special information anywhere. While working as a driver in the MONOPOLY Group of Companies, I heard about the new project of the company «Small business in large logistics». I began to look for information through internal channels and the decision came immediately — I will participate! Since my goal has always been to develop my own business».

    On the goals and the prospects for development

    «In the project, first of all, I was attracted not even by the opportunity to take one truck, but by the prospects that it gives. My task is to create my own fleet of 10 vehicles in the next 5 years. Also, I am Crimean. And there were certain difficulties with obtaining a loan as an individual. And when I became an entrepreneur, banks were already meeting halfway and they themselves sent various proposals. I can easily take a mortgage for my daughter, for example».

    You are already in business and you are building it yourself: there is a turnover, you create jobs. I have already recruited two drivers. Also I am confident in a sustainable ageing, because the business will be fine-tuned and consistently generate income.


    «A great help from MONOPOLY.Business (that’s how the project is called now) was to help with cargo and many other aspects. If you work on your own, then you need to think carefully — keep in mind a bunch of processes: loading, shipping, searching cargo, buying diesel fuel, looking for repair services. I would say: the one who invented should be thanked and respected. Managers in the project help, advise and give discounts. And you feel safe while working with MONOPOLY.Business. There is cargo orders, there is fuel with deferred payment, reduced cost on maintenance – this things never bother you».

    About «business» thinking

    «Yes, you have to understand that now you are an entrepreneur. And you have to think big: set a goal for yourself, see the prospects. We need to think about development, and not focus only on the car. First of all, you get confidence in the future, the opportunity to organize a stable income on your own, to provide for your family».

    The truck is the tool for getting it all. There is no need to focus on how to purchase faster, you need to think about how you will make money now with this tool.

    About the difficulties in the project

    «To be honest, I didn’t even have any special difficulties with the project. I used to drive 20-year-old trucks to both Georgia and Azerbaijan – it is scrap metal! And you are in a foreign country, no one will help you, if something breaks down – you are all by yourself. You should repair the refrigerator, change the pump, sort out the motor. And here – it turns out there are no difficulties at all». (Laughs)

    About the decision to add more vehicles

    «This is one of the reasons why I made the decision to take the second truck without waiting for the end of the project to buy out the first one. I already have a driver, I am covering for him. In a month I’ll take another one – there will be 3 drivers already. But I still need to conduct interviews to decide. And when I hire him, each of us will be able to pay more attention to one’s family. Therefore, the second truck gives not only an additional income, but also an opportunity to have more rest», — says Alexander.

    About income and expenses

    I heard that some people think that it is impossible to make money in the project. Well, if you complain, it’s impossible to make money anywhere. I will speak for myself: I drive MAN, it is more expensive in terms of payments than Mercedes and more money is spent. However, I get a profit of 90 — 100 thousand rubles.

    All this is real, and it depends only on you. Yes, I did expensive repairs, but it pays off. By the way, while working for buying out the Mercedes, I calculated that one can get more than 100 thousand rubles in the same way. It is more cost-effective.

    About the secrets of successful participation in the project

    Alexander named 3 success criteria:

    1. A clear brain, sharpened for work. You always need to be in a working mood and condition;

    2. Experience and professionalism — you need to do everything neatly;

    3. Not to be idle — do everything possible to do the job faster and better.

    And he gave pep talk to the new participants in the MONOPOLY.Business project, as well as to those who wish to join: «If you have decided something, you must act immediately. And then everything will work out».

    And finally

    Alexander Zilinsky often drives himself and spends a lot of time on the road. You can chat with him or one of his drivers as you have a rest on the route. We are sure that he will not refuse to talk and will share a lot of life hacks and things about the project and answer all of your questions. The real experience of one of the first participants is the best recommendation.

    And if you want to know more about the project, leave a request here.

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