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    MONOPOLY.Business expands the selection of trucks in the project

    Previously there wasn't such a question for the participants of MONOPOLY.Business, because there was only one option - Mercedes-Benz Actros 1841. But the project is expanding, the possibilities are growing: now we also offer MAN TGX 18.400 and KAMAZ 5490-S5. Each vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account when making a choice. Let us examine them in detail.
    Mark and modelMERCEDES-BENZ Actros 1841 LSМАН TGX 18.400  КАМАЗ 5490-S5
    EngineV6, 12лR6, 10,5 лR6, 11,97 л
    Engine power408 л.с., 2000 Н*м400 л.с., 1900 Н*м  400 л.с., 2000 Н*м
    Transmissionautomaticautomatic and manualautomatic
    Wheel arrangement4×24×24×2
    Service schedule80 000 km80 000 km80 000 km

    MERCEDES-BENZ Actros 1841 LS

    Tractor truck

    The manufacturers designed the cockpit so that it could be comfortable: a lot of storage compartments, high and spacious interior, comfortable seats. Thoughtful approach to the selection of font, its size and color makes it easy for the driver to read text messages from the displays on the dashboard.

    If the maintenance is carried out in the official service stations, respecting the due dates, the service life of the Actros exceeds a million kilometers. The car is characterized by ease of operation and control, as well as by unpretentiousness to fuel quality. Despite the brand, the cost of spare parts does not hit the pocket.

    MAN TGX 18.400 4×2 BLS

    Tractor truck

    High and spacious cockpit provides two bunks. Thanks to a level floor, the driver can comfortably move around inside the cockpit, which not every truck can boast. A special feature of this model is a dashboard, which is close to the passenger cars: it will allow users to easily adapt to the management. The manufacturers have also taken care of maintenance of cleanliness: the doors are lined with washable upholstery and the interior is equipped with a compressed air sprayer, so the cleaning will not require much effort. Another plus — the climate control system and optional fog-lights.

    When choosing a truck for work in Russia, it is important to remember that MAN TGX 18.400 4×2 BLS is a high-tech vehicle, which requires expensive maintenance and does not like overcooling. Its fuel system is quite sensitive, so reliable refuelling will help to extend the service life and repair intervals.

    However, with careful and correct use the car shows excellent fuel consumption results: 26-28 liters per 100 km. We recall that the economic model of the MONOPOLY.Business project is based on the consumption of 30-32 liters per 100 kilometers. And the lower the consumption rate, the higher the entrepreneur’s profit.

    КАМАZ 5490 S5

    Tractor truck

    The cockpit was created on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz Axor, so the ergonomics of these models is similar. The cockpit was created on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz Axor, so the ergonomics of these models is similar. Heating and air suspension of the seats are responsible for the increased comfort of users. There is one bunk for the driver in the passenger compartment.

    KAMAZ 5490 S5 is unpretentious to fuel quality and easy to maintain, and the proven Daimler engine and ZF transmission make the vehicle quite durable. Service schedule could be up to 100 000 km, changing only fuel filters every 50 000 km.

    So how to choose a truck tractor?

    «The presented models have similar specifications, such as engine power, torque, transmission. So it is worth to be guided by the starting and residual values, if at the end of the lease you plan to sell the vehicle. Also important are the comfort of the cockpit and the reliability of major components (engine, transmission, gear systems)», says Sergey Kryga, Head of Transport Sale Department, MONOPOLY LLC.

    Therefore, the project participants should study the models very responsibly and make a choice in favor of the one whose characteristics are most suitable at the moment. And if the entrepreneur has any doubts or questions, MONOPOLY.Business professionals can always consult and give their expert opinion.

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