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    Substitute drivers: Luxury or Necessity?

    We have already touched on the topic of substitute drivers in the article about effectiveness of the MONOPOLY.Business project participants. Let's talk details today.

    Let us recall that the entrepreneur’s income is affected by the availability of transport on the line, that is, the number of days per month when the car was available for order. To make a profit, this figure must be at least 28 days.

    The project participants are primarily businessmen. They know how to set goals, they are not afraid of difficulties, and they are passionate for work.

    But we are all human. It is important for us to spend time with family and friends, to relax. Sometimes life makes its own adjustments to our plans. It is impossible to prepare for everything in advance, but it is possible to hire a substitute driver to cover for you in such situations.

    With a substitute driver, an entrepreneur can:

    • be calm about compliance of transport availability on the line,

    • plan his work schedule and rest between shifts,

    • take breaks for annual leave,

    • be confident in your health,

    • spend time with his family without affecting work.

    How do I find a substitute driver?

    The project participants who attracted substitute workers told us how they are looking for drivers. Usually they do it on job-hunting sites, Avito. Word of mouth also helps: friends, acquaintances, former colleagues, recommendations of other project participants. While choosing a driver, entrepreneurs pay attention to the candidate’s accuracy, decency, honesty.

    «First of all, I look at shoes. If they are neat, then I continue the interview. I ask how he drives, I speak relatable, man to man», — shared with us one of the participants of the MONOPOLY.Business project.  

    It is also important that the driver meets the following requirements: has the experience of working with refrigerators and driving a vehicle with a semitrailer, at least 2 years experience in the «CE» category, a personal medical record and a SKZI card for a tachograph.

    Drivers also see many advantages in cooperation with entrepreneurs of MONOPOLY. Business:

    • The whole work process is transparent and understandable.

    • No downtime, there are always trips.

    • Vehicles are in good condition; coordination and support are helpful.

    Trusting, collaborative relationship are formed in the project. Many entrepreneurs are ready to share their experience and recommend proven drivers to their colleagues.

    What do you need to arrange cooperation with a substitute driver

    Entrepreneurs conclude a civil contract with the driver. The contract prescribes all the conditions of cooperation: the terms and procedure for the service provision, payment terms, responsibility of the parties.

    They transfer the vehicle to the driver according to the acceptance certificate, where they describe the condition of the car n detail: this is important for both parties. The document will allow the substitute driver to insure against the fine for vehicle damage, which he did not commit. The entrepreneur, in turn, will not pay for the repair of damages that occurred through no fault of his. Note that the insurance is open, so there is no more paperwork here.

    While the substitute driver is on the trip, the entrepreneur controls the delivery time of the orders on the MONOPOLY.Business application. The settlement with the driver is made, as a rule, after the end of the trip and the delivery of a complete set of documents.

    Careful driving is very crucial. The driver is responsible for himself, for the load and even for other road users. Therefore, if you take care of your health and resting on schedule, you save the world.

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