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For drivers

Job openings for category E drivers

The MONOPOLY Group of Companies is 15 years of experience in the market of cargo transportation, a park of 1350 coupled vehicles, 2000 drivers, as well as large cargo owners.

For drivers

What you need to start working

If you have driving experience in category E for 1+ year

Fill out the application
Confirm the level of professionalism (pass an interview with the instructor and show your practical skills)
Sign an employment contract
Take to the route*
If your driving experience for category E is less than 1 year

If you want to become a Pro driver

Fill out the application
Show your driving skills in category E (Show the driving license of category "E" and work book)
Learn at a driving school
Sign an employment contract
Take to the route*

What it means to work with us


The income is up to 130 thousand rubles before personal income tax deduction / month (minimum mileage guarantee per month)
Additional bonuses and payments

Fixed pay dates are always the 15th and 30th of every month

The ability to earn more based on the results of work — payrate raise based on the results of work at least twice in the first year of work, subject to the requirements and standards of the Company

Official employment under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation


Driver’s life and health insurance

Technical and informational support in route 24/7

Support in difficult life situations


Our vehicle fleet — 1200 Mercedes, MAN, VOLVO and Euro Kamaz trucks 2016-2019 manufacturing years

Repair and maintenance by official dealers without driver participation

Convenient and comfortable workwear (winter / summer)

Healthcare treatment for drivers

Project MONOPOLY.Service for drivers — parking lots, cafes and more in route

Corporate mobile communications

Various work schedules

Assigning the car to the driver and the possibility to work in a crew

New Year gifts for children

45 offices in Russia

Who this job is for

A stable level of income and duly payments are important to you
Safety, comfortable conditions and in route support
The «romance of the high road» appeals to you and you are ready for long freight runs
You sincerely believe that a professional truck driver is not just about «getting from point A to point B» in time, but also about knowing, maintaining and caring for your truck
You know and practice a careful handling of equipment (we have a new fleet of vehicles, the condition of the vehicles our employees drive is important to us and we want to maintain it for you)
You know everything about cost-effective and safe driving
You have experience in driving heavy trucks (over 10 tons) 1+ year
I want to join
Terms and definitions:

1 — Documents required for employment: Passport, employment record book, SNILS, military ID, SKZI card

Not a public offer