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    MONOPOLY.Business expands the selection of tractors in the project
    Previously there wasn't such a question for the participants of MONOPOLY.Business, because there was only one option - Mercedes-Benz Actros 1841. But the project is expanding, the possibilities are growing: now we also offer MAN TGX 18.400 and KAMAZ 5490-S5. Each vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account when making a choice. Let us examine them in detail.
    Substitute drivers: Luxury or Necessity?
    We have already touched on the topic of substitute drivers in the article about effectiveness of the MONOPOLY.Business project participants. Let's talk details today.
    Gas station market trends: a representative of the MONOPOLY Group of Companies visited the forum «Business trip on the successful development of gas stations».
    Staying up-to-date with modern technologies is not difficult if you constantly follow trends and current information. Some of these news sources are exhibitions, presentations, conferences and forums.
    How to get VAT refund on fuel?
    How to get VAT refund on fuel? Who can qualify for credit? How to save your accountant a lot of time and nerves? - these and many more similar questions torment the carriers when it comes to VAT and fuel. We have collected the most burning issues and consulted with a specialist of one of the well-known fuel services on the market.
    From whom cargo carriers can expect help in 2021
    Transportation businesses are born and die. In order to stay afloat, they need to constantly invent something, find ways of saving and points of growth. But what should one do in 2021? The past year has knocked down many. From whom can one expect help? We will cover it in this article.
    Entrepreneurial efficiency. How project participants affect their earnings
    In previous articles we talked about the terms of the MONOPOLY.Business project in general. Today we are going to find out what affects the driver's economy every day.
    How to become an entrepreneur and an owner of your own truck
    Entrepreneurship is a troublesome business: you should overcome difficulties with accounting, find orders, and repair the equipment – all of that keep many truckers from buying their own car. But those who seriously intend to start their own business are not stopped by these difficulties - especially since they are all сan be dealt with.
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      Mercedes Actros - the right vehicle for a budding entrepreneur
      Which vehicle is better to choose if you decide to start your own business in cargo transportation? Of course, you would like to have super high-tech and «stuffed» cars like Volvo, but the question is how expensive it is to maintain and repair.
      How to get the 2d truck and make money on it: a participant of the MONOPOLY.Business project shares his experience
      In the short – yet – history of the MONOPOLY.Business project a unique event took place: one of the participants, Alexander Zilinsky, rented another truck without completing the 6-year project and without concluding purchase of the first car.
      How to choose a fuel service? 5 uninvented life hacks from cargo carriers
      There are so many offers for fuel on the market now that a simple carrier is dazzled. One can find fuel cards from major suppliers, refueling using bar and QR codes, refueling via STS and online services with thousands of gas stations ... What should you choose? We talked to cargo carriers specializing in long-distance transportation of goods and share our findings with you.
      Through hardships to ... digitalization in logistics: how the MONOPOLY Group of Companies began a new stage of development
      The MONOPOLY Group of Companies has been working on the market for 15 years. Over the years, a team of professionals and its own vehicle fleet have been formed, the trust of customers throughout Russia has been won and offices have been opened in 32 cities of the country. But time passes, and logistics is changing, if not at the speed of light, then rather quickly. Therefore, we have entered a new stage of development, which we will discuss in this article.