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    One more partner of MONOPOLY.Business took the second truck after 1,5 years of participation in the project

    Alexander Bormatov joined MONOPOLY.Business project in March of the previous year. He rented MAN TGX 18.400 4x2 BLS truck and a trailer. Without waiting for the first truck buying out, he came for the second vehicle of the same model at the end of October. Upon delivery of the truck, we asked Alexander about the first steps in the project, his business goals and advantages of MAN TGX 18.400.

    About profession of a long-haul trucker

    I’ve been working as a long-haul trucker for more than 10 years. I did not choose it, I followed my father’s steps. But I like it, there is always something new. Before participation in the project, I worked for three years for a transport company. Then I found out about MONOPOLY.Business and decided to try myself. I wanted more independence. By the way, I have already had experience as an entrepreneur, but in a different field. Now that experience makes me productive.

    First year in MONOPOLY.Business

    My first year was like learning. There were mistakes, which I learned from, but now it’s easier. It was difficult to take a rest, but I solved this problem by hiring a substitute driver. Now I work every other month. It is enough to have both rest and to earn money.

    I appreciate the fact of working for myself. There is an incentive — my own truck bought in 5 years. Then I will earn more money without lease payments. The main thing is that I am independent, count only on myself, but all responsibility is also mine. I feel very comfortable that way.

    About MAN TGX 18.400 4×2 BLS

    A good truck, warm, which is a huge plus. It’s usually winter here and low temperatures are all over the country. It is not capricious, does not falls apart, no major repairs were required. A big and comfortable cab. Everything is made for the driver. When I was approved for the second truck, I immediately gave priority to MAN, since the truck had proved to be very effective during 1.5 years of operation. It was a pleasure to work with it.

    However, I’ve heard a lot from my colleagues that the truck may become unusable very fast and it would not work properly by the end of the project. To be honest, I think this is completely untrue. If you take good care of the vehicle, perform maintenance, and drive safely, everything will be fine. I have already checked it myself, so I have no doubts.

    About business scaling

    I took the second vehicle, because there would be more profit in the long run. If I get the chance to get a third truck, I’ll take it to scale the business faster.

    Nothing will be changed much in case of the second truck: we’ll keep working in the same way. Yes, there will be more responsibility. I’ll have to plan haul cycles for the first and the second vehicle too. But that’s okay, we’ll do it.

    At the end of our conversation Alexander gave some advice to those who are only thinking of joining MONOPOLY.Business project: «If you have a core inside, you have to try».

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