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Mercedes Actros — the right vehicle for a budding entrepreneur

Which vehicle is better to choose if you decide to start your own business in cargo transportation? Of course, you would like to have super high-tech and «stuffed» cars like Volvo, but the question is how expensive it is to maintain and repair.

The goal of the MONOPOLY.Business project is to provide the participants with cars whose operating history is known «from A to Z».

Now the project has the most Mercedes Actros tractors of 2017, 1841 2-bed trucks on a robotic gearbox + Schmitz refrigerator 2013. Several years ago such a configuration was purchased for the own fleet of the transport company «MONOPOLY».

The cars were operated only by our drivers, were regularly serviced in certified services, and we know everything about every kilometer of mileage and every action that was performed. An important point: before transferring the truck to the participant, it undergoes a full technical inspection and it is given in the maximum working condition.

A three-year-old truck or, if you add 6 years, a nine-year-old — how critical is this for a truck? Let’s turn to the official statistics. The analytical agency «Autostat» has calculated that by 01.01.20 the fleet of trucks in Russia totaled 3.78 million units. The average age of a truck is 21.2 years. But! 64.7% of all trucks in the country are aged over 15 years. Simple calculations show that a nine-year-old car will last another 12 years before it reaches the average age in Russia! And with careful operation, the trгct will calmly serve you for another 5-10 years beyond this figure.

Another important task is to choose the most working model with simple technical stuffing, high performance and reliability. Therefore, MONOPOLY.Business settled on Mercedes Actros, the «starting» model for the driver. If we talk about Volvo and Scania, then due to the «stuffed» with electronics, the participants would have to buy these models into ownership for much longer than 6 years. In the Actros, a minimum of electronics is a good truck that is designed for long-term operation with minimization of complex breakdowns. Compared to other models, lower fuel consumption, simplicity and cost-effectiveness in maintenance can reduce the cost of service and repair at times. Spare parts are easier to find and cost less than those on Volvo and Scania.

A funny but true comparison: Mercedes is a «workhorse» that will last for decades and travel millions of kilometers, while Volvo is an «Arabian stallion», more capricious and more expensive to maintain and operate.

The goal of the MONOPOLY.Business project is a stable income of the participants during the project and after, without going into negative territory due to high costs, which is why we chose the «horse».

Finally, we would like to remind you that you need to take care of and operate any vehicle without «forcing» it. Due to the constant work, the truck wears out faster than an ordinary car — do not forget to save money in advance in the «repair fund» and regularly service your swallow. Correct calculation of finance and economics will help to get maximum efficiency with minimum investment.

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