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    MONOPOLY.Business invites female truck drivers to join the project

    Since 2021, women in Russia have been allowed to work as heavy duty truck drivers. The market of transport services perceived the news positively: it will allow to increase the staff, and consequently the volume of transportation, i.e. everyone will benefit. The MONOPOLY.Business project has also undergone changes: not only men, but also women can join it now.

    Women in freight transportation — the situation in 2021

    The popularity of topical blogs in social networks speaks for itself: a woman trucker in Russia is no longer a rarity. MONOPOLY Group of Companies now also has girls who steer the wheel.

    «Firstly, you have to feel the road. And secondly, you have to like it. It is important not to be afraid to be alone in the cockpit and to be able to find a common language with people», — Olga Zaitseva, who works in our company, shares the secrets of the profession.

    The question «Can women work as truckers?» is no longer relevant. More and more often ladies are interested in where it is better to work.

    According to the job search service, in Russia more than 40 000 women are looking for work as forwarding drivers. In 2021, the level of salaries for which they are applying ranges from 20,000 to 60,000 rubles per month. Many admit that they do not dare to ask for more because of cautious attitude on the part of employers. But there is still a project on the market where participants, regardless of gender, can earn more and with the prospect of developing their business.

    MONOPOLY.Business invites female truckers

    Since the Ministry of Labour amended the legislation and women now have the right to drive heavy trucks, the MONOPOLY.Business project has expanded its possibilities. Now not only men can join it.

    Thanks to the innovation, women can now also build their own business and develop their own transport company.

    What is important to know about the project:

    1) Income. The economic model is designed for an entrepreneur to receive about 100,000 rubles per month. Participants reach this level on average in 6 months, provided they work on the line 28 days a month, maintain fuel consumption within 30 liters per 100 km in summer and 32 liters at the same distance in winter, and vehicle mileage is about 15,000 km per month.

    2) Start without investment. You get a combination for a 6-year lease, no down payment is required. First payment for the use of the vehicle shall be provided in 56 days from the date of transfer of the combination in the lease, when the money for the carriage will start coming in.

    3) Access to orders from large customers. Small businesses are rarely able to get access to top customers, because it takes skills, time and sometimes even extra money to cope with the bureaucracy of tender procurement. And project participants can simply take a suitable order from the Monopoly.Online platform and go right away.

    4) Assistance. We want entrepreneurs who come to the project to become our partners in the long term. That’s why we’ve developed a support system: from organizing bookkeeping and accounting to individual recommendations on how to drive efficiently. You will not be left alone with a problem, and you can always ask for help from MONOPOLY.Business supervisors.

    5) Self-sufficiency. Most participants had no experience in business before the project. Therefore we pay special attention to entrepreneurial thinking. We tell about all the pros and cons, allowing participants to choose for themselves. On the one hand, it is the responsibility for all the consequences of the decisions made, and on the other hand, there are endless opportunities for development

    Learn even more about the benefits of the MONOPOLY.Business project

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    Very different girls come to the profession of a trucker, but they are all united by their love for freedom and travel.

    Olga Zaitseva shares: «Of course, there are difficult days when you literally bang on the steering wheel and swear to yourself that you will return from the run and quit and stay home to bake pies. Then you bake for two or three days… and then you get back in the cockpit, because you realize: You have a heart for driving».

    That’s why we are waiting for the girls in the MONOPOLY.Business project. After all, it is not only a new experience of entrepreneurship, but also a sea of emotions.

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