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    The Monopoly.Business School for Entrepreneurs

    What's the difference between a driver and an entrepreneur? How much money does it take to start a freight transportation business? How does one plan a schedule so that at the end of the month the debit and credit match up? What costs does an entrepreneur incur? New entrants to the project have many questions. We're launching a school for entrepreneurs to help them adapt to their new role and teach them how to build their business efficiently.

    The pilot version of the school started in March. The first block of training is introductory briefing. It consists of face-to-face lectures and feedback on the material learned. Before the introductory briefing, participants are tested so that we can tailor the program to them and focus on the information they need.

    Teachers at the school are current employees of the company. They encounter a variety of situations every day, so they can advise on issues beyond the program as well.

    The school pays special attention to the entrepreneur’s mindset. Which tires should one choose — original or analog? The difference of 3 kopecks, which will cost 60,000 rubles per year. It is important for an entrepreneur to calculate the consequences of his decisions.

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    Teachers tell you what to look for during loading and unloading, what to report to project support, and when to stop loading work. What particulars one shall remember in handling documents, the subtleties of working with individual customers. There is a block about the economics of the project: what affects the entrepreneur’s income. They analyze the dependence of profits from the consumption of fuel, from the availability of transport on the line (the number of days when the car was carrying goods).

    During the training the participants of the project learn to read reports on expenses and income, analyze examples of other entrepreneurs. The exercise shows what typical mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them.

    People with different backgrounds and knowledge come to the project. Some are immediately worried about how to get out of the project if they don’t like something. And some — about how to take another combination and find a substitute driver. Therefore, the first block of the school is always held in person in order to fully answer the questions of our partners.

    The program of the school will be gradually supplemented. The plans include 4 modules, designed for 6 months. Entrepreneurs will be able to study them remotely.

    It is important for us, that the graduates of the school would be able to solve routine business tasks independently and generate income at the proper level. Time for training is taken with plenty to spare, so that entrepreneurs had the opportunity to get personal recommendations from mentors and work on mistakes.

    MONOPOLY.Business is a project for those who want to start their own business in the freight forwarding industry. We provide all opportunities to do this:

    — A combination for rent for 6 years. No down payment is required;

    — discounts on fuel and maintenance of equipment;

    — access to orders from major freight owners;

    — insurance of the vehicle and entrepreneur liability;

    — payment for runs in 15 working days after submission of documents;

    — consultation and support for the participants.

    You need a desire and a responsible approach to business. We will teach you everything an entrepreneur needs to know and share our experience.

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