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    «We create a nurturing environment within the company that leads to results»
    Maria Bolkunova, HR Director at MONOPOLY Group of Companies, was included in the «Top 1000 Russian Managers» rating published by the Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House. We found out from Maria how the HR-direction is developing during transformation of MONOPOLY Group of Companies, what difficulties the team and employees face, and what is necessary for everyone in the company to feel their importance.
    Innovative, but labor-consuming: MONOPOLY Group of Companies experts on the truck market
    MONOPOLY Group of Companies knows the freight market from A to Z. The company experts note that not only standard logistics are actively developing now, but also «green», where eco-friendly (in terms of their functions) electric tractors are used. But this is still an unusual phenomenon for Russia. This is what they talked about in the conversation with our journalist.
    MONOPOLY Group of Companies expert told about staffing market trends in logistics
    An intersectoral meeting on «Staffing market trends in logistics» took place in Supply Chain Alco platform on the 28th of July. Participants discussed global trends in attracting and developing employees, outsourcing, problems of recruiting warehouse personnel and drivers, trends in employee training and other pressing issues.
    Gas station market trends: a representative of the MONOPOLY Group of Companies visited the forum «Business trip on the successful development of gas stations».
    Staying up-to-date with modern technologies is not difficult if you constantly follow trends and current information. Some of these news sources are exhibitions, presentations, conferences and forums.
    Through hardships to ... digitalization in logistics: how the MONOPOLY Group of Companies began a new stage of development
    The MONOPOLY Group of Companies has been working on the market for 15 years. Over the years, a team of professionals and its own vehicle fleet have been formed, the trust of customers throughout Russia has been won and offices have been opened in 32 cities of the country. But time passes, and logistics is changing, if not at the speed of light, then rather quickly. Therefore, we have entered a new stage of development, which we will discuss in this article.