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    Through hardships to … digitalization in logistics: how the MONOPOLY Group of Companies began a new stage of development

    The MONOPOLY Group of Companies has been working on the market for 15 years. Over the years, a team of professionals and its own vehicle fleet have been formed, the trust of customers throughout Russia has been won and offices have been opened in 32 cities of the country. But time passes, and logistics is changing, if not at the speed of light, then rather quickly. Therefore, we have entered a new stage of development, which we will discuss in this article.

    Digitalization of transport logistics, or conversation in the language of the market

    Most of the processes in our life are connected in one way or another with the Internet. We buy food there, order something, chat with friends, search for work, etc. This trend is developing rapidly, because the worldwide network allows you to reduce the amount of time and money spent on the implementation of tasks.

    Against this background, large companies create digital solutions and offer them to players in their segment in order to optimize their work.

    The MONOPOLY Group of Companies, as one of the key participants of the logistics market, also decided to create its own digital platform «MONOPOLY.Online», which connects cargo owners and carriers throughout the country.

    This large-scale project was conceived for a specific reason. We realized that in times of multitasking it is much more convenient to complete the processes of organizing cargo transportation online.

    Now (May 2021) the «MONOPOLY.Online» platform already includes about 5,000 carriers and more than 55,000 vehicles, 1,100 of which belong to the the MONOPOLY Group of Companies. More than 23,000 trips are carried out monthly due to the platform. These numbers are far from the limit. The number of «MONOPOLY.Online» participants is constantly growing.

    And if you need not just to take / to send the cargo?

    Since we know the market from A to Z, our digital platform was developed not only for online search for cargoes or a reliable partner for the delivery of cargoes, but also for the use of various services related to transportation.

    Therefore, at «MONOPOLY.Online» you can get access to audited gas stations throughout the country (MONOPOLY.Fuel), tire shops, car washes, parking lots, recreation centers, etc. (MONOPOLY.Service), as well as on the platform you can find a cargo (MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search). It should be noted that we constantly analyze consumer preferences and, based on this, develop new products for the digitalization of transportation.

    All this features allow all the participants of the cargo transportation market to work with comfort and find the right partner or service quickly. And this is the goal of the MONOPOLY Group of Companies — to give all the players a great vision, great prospects and technological support.

    «Or maybe the old-fashioned way?»

    It would seem, why does the MONOPOLY Group of Companies need digitalization of freight transportation, if the company has been growing without any problems before? Maybe it was no need to go into all these complex IT processes?

    However, the company’s specialists think differently. The fact is that in 2021 we carried out a large-scale rebranding and chose a new path for development, guided by the slogan «Think Big». It means that the group of companies sets itself the task of providing equal opportunities for all its partners. And the digitalization of transport logistics is precisely what helps to achieve such results. Therefore, the MONOPOLY Group of Companies continues its path in improving IT solutions for logistics and sets great goals for itself.

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