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    6 fuel problems of carriers: How to solve them?

    Main afflictions of carriers with specific solutions.

    Maintenance of trailer-trucks has always been difficult. It’s especially difficult to find quality fuel and not overpay for it. The pandemic has only worsened the situation.

    Let us tell you what the most acute problems for carriers in 2021 are and how they can be solved.

    Problem 1. Increase in fuel prices

    The average cost of diesel fuel in Russia has exceeded 50 rubles per liter.[1] However, the prices vary from filling station to filling station, and sometimes it is possible to overpay and not get to the gas station with a cheaper price.

    Solution: Services containing the most advantageous regional and federal gas stations.

    For example, the MONOPOLY.Fuel service.  With its help, one can get discounts of up to 4.5 rubles per liter at partner gas stations.

    Problem 2. Paperwork with reporting

    When you work with several fuel cards you gather all the reports for them in different personal areas, so that the poor accountant has to deal with them for weeks. The more fuel cards you have, the more complicated the process becomes.

    Solution: In MONOPOLY.Fuel all the history of operations with different gas stations and fuel brands is collected online in the single personal area. Refueling takes place according to the number of the certificate of registration, so all transactions are easy to match with each particular car. Besides, you get a set of documents allowing you to set off VAT (if you need it) and simply control your fuel consumption by reports (if you are not a VAT payer).

    Problem 3. Controlling fleet refueling and sending fuel cards to different regions

    Working with fuel cards is quite complicated. It is necessary to monitor transactions from several personal areas, and you have to control the receipt of fuel cards by drivers in different regions. This takes a lot of time and effort.

    Solution: Everything is much easier when you work with the MONOPOLY.Fuel service. Your drivers refuel using their numbers of certificates of registration: you do not need to send cards to other regions, and if they are lost or damaged you do not have to wait for their recovery. You also see all operations online in your personal area and don’t have to worry that some transaction remains unrecorded.

    Problem 4. Finding the most advantageous gas stations on the way.

    Often, attempts to refuel along the route turn into a lottery: will you be lucky and the conditions at the nearest gas station will be favorable or will you have to overpay so as not to look for the next one? Looking for the right gas stations on the way is difficult. At the filling station, marked on the maps, in addition to excessive price, may not be a diesel fuel, or convenient access for a trailer-truck.

    Solution: The MONOPOLY.Fuel service has collected the most advantageous gas stations, which are suitable for trailer-trucks by all parameters. You can plan your route in advance by selecting conveniently located gas stations with a good price offer.

    Problem 5. Fuel overfire and excess mileages

    Excess mileages can occur because you have to drive extra kilometers to and from a filling station, leaving the main route. This often happens if you use a fuel card of a particular network whose filling stations are located away from major highways. The driver wastes time looking for them and wastes fuel.

    Solution: The geography of the MONOPOLY.Fuel service stations is arranged in such a way that there will always be advantageous gas stations on any federal highway the driver will pass through.  A single online account gives you access to fuel stations from more than 90 suppliers. You can choose the most advantageous gas station for you or the one where you like the service best without having to leave your route.

    Problem 6. Cash flow gaps

    You’ve delivered goods and are waiting for payment. In the meantime you need to make other runs. Cars need to be fueled now, and the money will come later. Such situations complicate your accounting and business as a whole.

    Solution: If you are registered in the Monopoly.Online platform and take orders in it, you have access to «Auto-Transfer» service. This means that part of the amount you receive for fulfilling runs from the platform can be transferred to the balance of the MONOPOLY.Fuel service to pay for your fleet’s fueling. This is much faster than the average deferred payment and keeps your business running smoothly with no cash flow gaps.

    Solve these and other problems by joining the MONOPOLY.Fuel service.

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