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    No excess mileage and commissions: how to choose a fuel card for fuelling a trailer-truck

    What fuel card should be given preference, what is an excess mileage and why the number of filling stations is not always an advantage? In this article we will tell you.

    Let’s assume that you’re using a fuel card of a particular gas station chain to fill up your trailer-truck. This chain has a bunch of filling stations all over the country. But every time you need to fill up, all these filling stations are away from the main route. You have to turn off the road, look for the right gas station — and all this in not the most mobile vehicle. Finally, it is found, but it is either inconvenient to enter it in a heavy-lift transport, or there is simply no necessary fuel. So you’re back on the road, looking for another filling station, and still not on the route.

    The very path that you make to and from the filling station, deviating from the route, is the excess mileage. And it takes time, burns fuel and eats money.

    Can we say that such a fuel card is beneficial? Hardly, it rather gives some convenience in the refueling process, but it limits your choice of gas stations.

    What is the solution? Get a lot of fuel cards of different chains? Also, no. Cards break, get lost, it is difficult to collect reports on them.

    You just need to choose the right service, that integrates filling stations of different fuel suppliers. And here is what you should pay attention to.

    • The quality of the location of partner gas stations. Quality, not quantity! They need to be available on all federal highways and in large cities. Sometimes the chain on the map is spread like a carpet across the country, but if you zoom in — it turns out that all of these filling stations are at the exits and secondary roads. And that’s excess mileage again. So choose a smart location over a widespread one.
    • Favourable prices. A good service will always negotiate a discount for its users.
    • The ability to make transactions online, without being tied to cards.
    • No surcharges and fees.

    A great example of such a service is MONOPOLY.Fuel. A single online account gives you access to filling stations of more than 90 suppliers. You can choose the most advantageous gas station for you or the one where you like the service best. No cards, access using certificates of registration, and all operations are performed online. Reporting on all transactions is also stored in a private area and updated automatically online. In addition, MONOPOLY.Fuel gives up to 10% discount for refueling commercial vehicles.

    The geography of partner gas stations is very smart: there are filling stations on all major federal highways. Only those with convenient access for trailer-trucks and favorable conditions are selected.

    And the network is expanding all the time.

    «Now the bare-bones agenda by 2025 is to increase MONOPOLY.Fuel chain to 10 thousand gas stations all over Russia. In this regard the gas station chain will be comprehensive (highway, city), for any tank, route, prices and service», — notes Andrei Egorov, Head of Oil Products Supply Department, MONOPOLY GC.

    Even now the average distance between the service gas stations is about 40 kilometers. Before entering the route you can choose the most advantageous filling stations for you on the way and easily enter them. No excess mileage, wasting time and extra money.

    Find more advantages of MONOPOLY.Fuel on the service webpage

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    08. 12. 2021

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