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    Carrier & digital platforms: how to save time and money

    In order to be profitable, it is important to quickly find a run, build a short route to the destination, envisage places for overnight stays and gas stations. And in order to be in the black all the time, this algorithm will have to be repeated more than once. There are many services on the market that support carriers in dealing with routine issues. But often they help with only one of the tasks, and in order to solve the rest you have to look for additional platforms.

    Monopoly.Online is a platform where it’s easy to find the right transportation order (MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search), schedule refueling on the route (MONOPOLY.Fuel), choose a return run: everything at once and in one place. We’ve also launched a separate product MONOPOLY.Service, which helps you find a convenient car wash, tire shop or parking lot for your route.

    Our services are:

    Support. Every product is accompanied by a manager. He will consult if you have any questions, help if you have no access to the platform, and the problem requires a quick solution.

    Convenience. Contracts are concluded with the same company, regardless of the number of services. Therefore you will not get confused with counterparties and will be able to take advantage of cross-service services: if you wish, the money for the transportation can be automatically credited to the account for payment for fuel.

    Time saving. You can use electronic document management: EDM reduces the time of receipt of closing documents, and therefore the speed of payment for performed transportation increases. EDM ensures that invoices are not lost during shipment and you do not need the space in the archive to store them.

    Money saving The services of MONOPOLY Group of Companies are also an opportunity to obtain VAT deductions. We use a general taxation system, and if you are too, the full package of reporting documents will help your accountant in accounting for all expenses and 20% VAT refund.

    Let’s focus on each service in a little more detail to understand its effectiveness and benefits.

    MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search shows transportation runs in real time. Every day freight owners upload more than 1000 new requests with the geography of transportation from St. Petersburg to Gorno-Altaisk. For those who are interested in receiving money in a short period of time we offer the «Quick Payment» option. This means that if you activate it for a small fee, the delay of payment for a run will be reduced many times: for example, instead of 60 working days payment for some orders can be received within 5 working days.

    With MONOPOLY.Fuel you have access to more than 80 fuel networks and more than 800 filling stations throughout Russia. The map of gas stations is formed on the basis of the routes of the MONOPOLY Group of Companies fleet and our partner carriers — it is 12 000 cars. We are responsible for fuel quality: we take samples from each filling station and send them to an independent laboratory for testing. If the indicators are lower than those stipulated by official standards, the gas station will not appear in our service.

    In order to refuel, the driver only has to show the certificate of registration and to enter a pin-code.

    In the personal area of the service there is information about the prices of each supplier, taking into account the personal discount. In case there is less money on the account the platform will remind you to replenish the balance and show the transactions even per one car. In order to control costs, you can set up spending limits in rubles or liters, for each car or the entire fleet, as you like.

    The MONOPOLY.Service map will tell you where the nearest tire shop, parking lot or cafe is, where to stop for antifreeze and whether there is a car wash nearby. The service covers the territory from Birobidzhan to St. Petersburg. MONOPOLY Group of Companies’s own fleet is also serviced in the service complexes, so we vouch for everything: from the taste of pilaf in the cafe to the driver’s peaceful sleep in the guarded parking lot. In MONOPOLY.Service it is easy to control how the driver uses the services through a personal area: set limits by periods (for example, no more than one parking per day) or provide for agreement before receiving the service, check reports on transactions.

    Use one service or all of them at once — the choice is yours. New partners will need about 3 hours to organize transportation in the platform: from registration and signing the contract to the agreed order. For existing partners, this period is reduced to 10 minutes. Try it and see for yourself.

    Learn more about the Monopoly.Online platform services

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