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MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Placement

Place cargoes and find
trusted carriers

Service MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Placement on the Monopoly.Online platform offers cargo owners:

  • Security: working with trusted carriers.
  • Speed: placing an application in a few clicks.
  • Optimization: setting a fixed price or holding an auction.
  • API integration: linkage with the cargo owner's system.
  • Electronic workflow: fast data exchange.
  • Support: contact with technical support 24/7.

I want to place a cargo
Cargo owners are already using the service
MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Placement because:

  • They can place cargoes using a convenient template or via the API.
  • There is no subscription fee for using the platform.
  • There is a possibility of obtaining a guaranteed export.
  • One can get access to both the MONOPOLY Group of Companies fleet of 1500 vehicles belonging to the Monopoly.Online platform, as well as to 6000 proven partner cargo carriers. In total, there are more than 55,000 vehicles available on the platform.
  • One can track all stages of cargo transportation.
  • Contractual relations are concluded with only MONOPOLY.Online LLC company.

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They trust us

How can one move cargo

Without us

Limited choice of carriers and inability to manage tariffs online.
Long search for a carrier and no tracking of cargo transportation.
High risk of cooperation with an unreliable cargo carrier.
The need to conclude multiple agreements with different carriers.
Result: high risk of cooperation with an unreliable carrier, lack of guarantees of obligation fulfillment and of mutual work prospects.

With us

The cargo owner has access to a wide base of carriers. He can also conduct auctions to optimize prices.
The platform allows you to find reliable carriers promptly and track cargo along the entire route.
The MONOPOLY Group of Companies has 15 years experience in transportation, and the involved carriers are deeply scored before work starts.
The contract is concluded only with MONOPOLY.Online LLC.
All the workflow and all the communications are conducted with one company.
RESULT: cooperation with one reliable company, but access to a large database of proven carriers. Confidence in the safety and delivery of cargo with the prospect of long-term cooperation without loss of quality.
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