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    The number of petrol stations in the MONOPOLY.Fuel service has increased over the last month by 20%

    30. 04. 2021 | Saint Petersburg
    Gas station

    The number and frequency of petrol stations in the MONOPOLY.Fuel service is growing rapidly. Over the past month, this number has increased by 20%, said the head of the oil product supply department Andrey Yegorov.

    According to the company, when opening a gas station, statistical indicators for the most active routes of freight transport and intercity transportation are taken into account. It forms the most effective geography of the filling station, which allows minimize zero mileage and buy fuel along the way. Moreover, considering the discount system the MONOPOLY.Fuel service, the total savings allows transport goods even more profitably.

    Note that the service has already covered more than 80 fuel suppliers, whose petrol stations are located in 61 regions of the country. Specialists from the MONOPOLY.Fuel service continue to increase this amount so that even more cargo carriers can start fueling profitably.

    30. 04. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

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