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    The users of MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search will be able to receive the payment for a trip even faster

    24. 09. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

    Starting the 1st of September,carriers who use MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search service in Monopoly.Online platform can receive payment for a trip within 5 banking days after submitting original documents through the «Quick Payment» option. At the same time, the option has become more available.

    Earlier «Quick Payment» option was also available in the service, but only for a part of applications. However, it is important for us that customers get paid more quickly for all runs and are able to do business more efficiently because it requires a constant turnover of funds. And it is the long wait for remuneration for the completed order that impedes work. That’s why it was decided to scale «Quick Payment» to all orders[1] and make it possible to receive funds even faster.

    Now it will be more convenient for carriers to work with the platform and grow their business.

    Try the «Quick Payment» option in Monopoly.Online platform.

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    [1] The offer does not apply to participants of MONOPOLY.Business project, detailed conditions are specified in the User Agreement.

    24. 09. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

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