The project MONOPOLY.Business launched a mobile app

24. 05. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

In the MONOPOLY.Business project a mobile app was launched to help entrepreneurs optimize their activities and operate even more efficiently.

In the app one can see full information about the order and the cost of the trip. In addition, there is an opportunity to take the order, as well as the dashboard of current and completed orders in real time, the status of documents and approximate payment terms.

The app is now available on the Android operating system. The entrepreneur can either download it on their own or use the help of a manager. If he has any questions, the support service is on line at any time and day of the week.

Note that thanks to the application, project participants will be able to devote less time to the technical side of order execution and will fully focus on the trips. It is expected that the app usage will increase the efficiency of work and the satisfaction of entrepreneurs in all processes.

24. 05. 2021 | Saint Petersburg
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