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    How to become an entrepreneur and an owner of your own truck

    Entrepreneurship is a troublesome business: you should overcome difficulties with accounting, find orders, and repair the equipment – all of that keep many truckers from buying their own car. But those who seriously intend to start their own business are not stopped by these difficulties - especially since they are all сan be dealt with.

    Interesting data was obtained by the MONOPOLY Group of Companies by conducting a survey among drivers. It turned out that > 50% of truckers would like to buy a truck and start making money on transportation themselves. But it’s easy to say «I want to take a truck». If you start consider finances, then it’s not looking so good:

    • the truck is expensive both in terms of purchase and maintenance. The price of a used car can range from 2 million to even more unpleasant numbers. Again, the truck is constantly on the road, so it consumes a lot of fuel, and it requires a much more frequent visit to the service than, for example, a passenger car.
    • buying a truck, a happy owner moves from a driver to an entrepreneur. And he decides all legal and financial issues himself.
    • not everyone has money for an initial payment for a car loan, and it is extremely difficult for an ordinary driver to save up in modern realities — you still need to make a living somehow and feed your family.

    So why would a huge number of truckers, even under such conditions, would like to get the truck?

    Firstly, with a competent approach to management, the income from cargo transportation goes into the pocket of the owner of the vehicle fleet, and 1 truck in the property is already a «micro-transportation company». And if we build an effective redistribution of finances, then incomes will exceed expenses.

    Secondly, you work for yourself, not for any company. The driver is bonded. He entirely depends on the decisions of a bunch of managers, forwarders, fleet owners, etc.

    When a dream stops to be a dream and becomes a goal, solutions are sure to be found.

    The MONOPOLY.Business project was launched last year and already has over 150 participants. What is the main feature of the project? Drivers rents a truck for 6 years with the option to purchase this truck without initial capital. And in 6 years – what is the prospect of being employed? At best, a small increase in income plus shattered health, nerves and confusing prospects.

    After 6 years, the project participants get the truck and can work only for themselves with the maximum benefit, or they can rent a second truck and expand their fleet and therefore their income exponentially.

    MONOPOLY.Business leases trucks no older than 2017. Although, according to Rosstat, the average age of freight vehicles is 21.2 years on average.

    Before being handed over to the project participant, the car undergoes full diagnostics and is given to the driver in the maximum working condition, because it has been used only in the MONOPOLY Group of Companies and underwent regular maintenance.

    Upon completion of the project, the approximate cost of the truck is estimated at 4.6 million rubles. This figure is now based on the price increase in the secondary market and the general economic situation in the country. The project participants, as a result, receive capital in the form of a commercial vehicle, which they can dispose of at their discretion.

    How to get into the project?

    MONOPOLY.Business does not hands out trucks left and right. We take the choice of the partner seriously, because a truck is an expensive asset.

    First, you need to leave a request on the website, and the manager will give you more details about all the nuances. If it works for you, then after passing several stages of verification (security service + driving skills), an agreement is drawn up, where the terms of cooperation are detailed.

    When you get a truck for rent, you are not just a driver anymore, you become an entrepreneur. After registering as an individual entrepreneur, you get the keys of the truck.

    By the way, the project takes into account the difficulties of those who have never experienced running their own business — we provide legal advice and the opportunity to cooperate either with your own accountant or with a recommended organization that provides accounting services.

    And now about the «goodies» of the project: you don’t have to look for orders on your own. Yes, you don’t! Project participants can be automatically provided with cargo from the largest cargo owners in the country. The managers of MONOPOLY.Business also help with the building of effective routes in order to avoid idle run, because the truck must constantly work. Downtime cause losses.

    Cargo insurance remains on the side of the project. In addition, members get access to pleasant discounts on service, parts and maintenance. The MONOPOLY.Fuel service will help to save on fuel, which has unique conditions only for project participants (in addition to discounts); and moreover – it allows post payment at the end of the month. By the way, truck service is also available on postpaid basis.

    And what about numbers specifically? In order to work properly, the business model has 3 conditions:

    1. About 15,000 km of run/month

    2. Staying on the line no less than 28 days

    3. No fuel burnout

    Your monthly income will be about 100 000 rubles + you will own a truck by the end of the project.

    Well, eventually, the choice is yours. But we are sure that if a person does not just dream, but works hard to achieve the goal, one will definitely get what he wants. MONOPOLY.Business will help you to become an independent cargo carrier or even create your own fleet.

    How to leave a request?

    You can leave the application on the project page. You can also get additional information there. Or immediately call the hotline (8 800 550 18 81) and ask any questions about the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur by renting a truck.

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