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    Sole proprietor Konstantin Kotelnikov

    I have been working with «MONOPOLY.Fuel» since the spring of 2019. I like the extensive number of fuel stations along our destinations, the convenient connection of new vehicles, payment from the bank account, as well as the 24/7 support by managers.

    KaspiyGaz LLC

    Working with the service «MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search», we appreciate the accelerated document management, reduced time of searching for and filling out an order, as well as the availability of viewing the payment schedule.

    Zlatopol LLC

    In addition to a convenient user account, I can point out pleasant discounts on fuel. By general estimates, we save about 7-8 thousand rubles a month on refuelling. I appreciate the convenient user account and a well-developed network of fuel stations.


    The service captured our interest not only by its discounts, but also by the opportunity to work on a set-off basis. I am grateful to the manager for his personal approach - he helped me to handle many problems.

    Sole proprietor

    I am pleased with the absence of petrol cards, as well as the gained savings - 1.5 rubles per litre. This amounts to about 23 thousand rubles monthly for our company.