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    Digital technologies in the Ural logistics market

    27. 04. 2021 | Saint Petersburg
    Digital technologies in the Ural logistics market

    Covid-19 restrictions have led to the accelerated implementation of digital solutions in the field of logistics and cargo transportation. This allowed some enterprises in the Ural region to grow up to 60% in terms of cargo volumes, Kommersant reports.

    Viktor Stroykov, head of MONOPOLY.Online department of the involved transport management commented on how digital technologies are developing in the field of logistics.

    «Logistics in Russia is very conservative, and digitalization proceeds slower than in any other area. During the high alert period, we detected a large influx of new carriers on our platform. In our opinion, this is the consequence of the communication complexities due to remote work introduction into the previous offline model (carrier, freight forwarder, logistician). We expect that this situation will become an impetus for the development of the market in this direction», — said Viktor.

    According to the statistics of the MONOPOLY.Online platform, the most popular destinations for the carriage of goods by road are the cities with a population of over one million – Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk – while Tyumen and Kopeysk destinations are growing rapidly. For example, in February, the Yekaterinburg direction accounted for 53% of the total number of trips in the Urals, and the direction of Tyumen and Kopeysk — 27% and 22%, respectively. The most popular food products are fruits, potatoes, pasta, confectionery and bakery products, cheese, dairy products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Building materials account for the largest share of non-food cargo.

    Victor also noted that most logistics and transport companies are trying to transfer processes into the digital realm «For example, to minimize phone conversations and lengthy correspondence, they develop templates and scripts that respond to regular client requests and quickly solve their problem or task».

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    27. 04. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

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