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    A participant of the MONOPOLY.Business project received a second truck for rent

    10. 06. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

    Alexander Zilinsky, a participant of MONOPOLY.Business, rented out the second truck. Previously, this was only available at the end of the project, which means 6 years after joining it.

    Alexander joined the MONOPOLY.Business project in March 2020. He, like everyone else, received a lease-to-buy truck without initial capital. Alexander followed our recommendations, which allowed him to achieve clear success. According to the businessman, his profit now averages 90-100 thousand rubles a month, despite the fact that his first truck is MAN, which is more expensive to maintain and operate.

    The MONOPOLY Group of Companies supports the responsible approach of the participants and the desire for development in business. Therefore, it was decided to give Alexander a second truck, without waiting for the completion date of the project. This will allow him to build his business even more efficiently and dynamically, achieving high results.

    Note that every participant of MONOPOLY.Business has the opportunity to take the second lease-to-buy truck. Alexander’s example proves that one can grow as much as one wants using the project. The main thing is perseverance, hard work and striving for development.

    10. 06. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

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