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    Prospects and challenges of the gas station market: MONOPOLY Group of Companies experts participated in «SMG — Successful Development» forum

    30. 09. 2021 | Moscow

    Heads of the MONOPOLY Group of Companies petroleum products procurement department participated in specialized industry forum «SMG — Successful Development» on July 22-23 devoted to the topical issues of gas station formats development.

    The speakers of the forum highlighted the main industry trends. They discussed the rapid decline in fuel sales margins due to the growth of wholesale prices in 2021. They also discussed the necessity of reducing costs related to supply, storage and marketing of petroleum products as well as the need to increase sales of related products and services at gas stations as the main factor for increasing business efficiency under the current market conditions.

    «The forum participants have shown interesting cases of working with «big data» and implementing dynamic loyalty programs for customers. In addition, they showed the automation of fuel dispensing processes at gas stations through the identification of the driver using biometric parameters of the face directly at the fuel dispenser, following the example of the well-known face id technology. Special attention was paid by the owners and top managers of the gas station chains to the problems of marketing, customer attraction and retention, as well as competition with the gas station chains of vertically integrated companies which are capable of keeping down the growth of selling prices at their facilities longer», said Andrey Egorov, Procurement Division Manager at the MONOPOLY Group of Companies, as a result of his participation in the forum.

    According to our experts, the MONOPOLY Group of Companies’s projects such as branding of partner gas stations, further development of MONOPOLY.Fuel (saving money on gas stations without fuel cards), and the upcoming release of MONOPOLY.Gas Station mobile application correspond to current market trends and can help owners of private gas station chains solve their current tasks of attracting customers and increasing gross revenue indicators of sales outlets.

    During the event the MONOPOLY Group of Companies representatives could not only discuss topical issues of cooperation with existing partners, but also got acquainted with potential fuel suppliers who have shown interest in the company’s projects.

    30. 09. 2021 | Moscow

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