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    The «Driver’s account» appeared in the service MONOPOLY.Fuel

    12. 07. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

    The functionality of the MONOPOLY.Fuel service is rapidly evolving and is updated with new features. Now, for the convenience of users, a «Driver’s account» was created. It is designed for quick search for gas stations, prompt refueling during the trip and for following the route of the application – for the users of MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search as well.

    There are many benefits in the «Driver’s office»:

    • Displays locations of the nearest available petrol stations.

    • Information about the limits (if they are exceeded, blocked, or the account has run out of funds).

    • Tracking information on completed transactions at gas stations.

    • Quick contact with the support service to resolve any issue.

    • Clear instructions on the process of refueling at a gas station.

    Connecting to the «Driver’s office» is an easy and quick process. Detailed instructions are sent to each new user. If necessary, the service manager will help.

    If you are already a MONOPOLY.Fuel user, we recommend activating the «Driver’s office» to make your work even more efficient. You can find out more about this service by following the link. And if you are not yet refueling with us, you can learn more about the discounts and other benefits on the MONOPOLY.Fuel page.

    12. 07. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

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