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    MONOPOLY.Fuel now has an «Auto-transfer» service

    04. 10. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

    The freight transportation process is quite laborious and not easy. One of the problems is the cash flow gap, which complicates the work and slows down the business. After all, the money for transportation comes much later, and one needs to fill up the fuel and make the next runs right away. In addition, a large number of documents and paperwork greatly complicate the work of an accountant. In order to solve these problems MONOPOLY Group of Companies has implemented a new fintech service «Auto Transfer» in the Monopoly.Online platform.

    The essence of this service is the following: if you are registered in the Monopoly.Online platform and take orders in it, you have access to «Auto Transfer» service. This means that part of the amount you receive for fulfilling runs from the platform can be transferred to the balance of the Monopoly.Multiservice service to pay for your fleet’s fueling. This is much faster than the average deferred payment and keeps your business running smoothly with no cash flow gaps.

    Let’s consider a real-world example. You have carried out the transportation of goods for 50 thousand rubles. Your auto-transfer limit is 20 thousand rubles. This is the threshold you set in the «Auto Transfer» settings for paying for fuel. If you have 10 thousand left on it, the system will deduct 10 thousand from the earned 50 thousand and put it on the balance of the Monopoly.Multiservice service.

    Users of the service have already identified many advantages. According to their responses, «Auto Transfer» allows one to quickly receive payment for the run (after providing the correct set of documents), plan fuel expenses without paying for the service, as well as quickly replenish the balance to pay for fuel without the need for an accountant. In addition, the use of two services simultaneously, Monopoly.Multiservice and Monopoly.Cargoes: Search, helps one save time on operational work and optimize costs.

    Connect to Monopoly.Multiservice and try the «Auto Transfer» service

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    The information is not an offer, the Company has the right to refuse to conclude the Agreement on «Auto Transfer». Detailed terms and conditions of the conclusion of the Agreement on «Auto Transfer», the use of «Auto Transfer» can be found in Appendix No. 8 to the User Agreement (available in the Documents section in the personal area of the platform Participant).

    04. 10. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

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