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    An expert of the MONOPOLY Group of Companies adressed the conference organized by Danone Russia

    28. 07. 2021 | Moscow

    How to make transport and warehouse logistics more efficient in present complex conditions — the largest market players discussed this issue at the Danone Logistics Suppliers Innovation Day conference. One of the speaking experts was Sergey Predko, Director for Strategy and Development of the MONOPOLY Group of Companies.

    Sergey shared his experience in IT transformation of the logistics business. He spoke about the creation of Monopoly.Online, a platform that unites all stages of FTL transportation in a single digital environment. Its development allowed the company to adapt to the difficult conditions prevailing in the industry in 2020–2021.

    «The key consequence of the pandemic was rapid growth of e-commerce and high demands of end customers for delivery timing and quality, which are broadcast from end customers along the entire supply chain and force the entire industry to change», — said Sergey Predko.

    The Monopoly.Online platform allows cargo owners and carriers to place or find cargo, get discounts on fuel for their own / involved fleet and conveniently refuel via STS without fuel cards. In addition, they also can take orders from trusted large cargo owners and receive assistance in transition to electronic workflow.

    The plans include the integration of the platform with the TMS of large cargo owners, as well as the development of a public API for quick placing of orders. In addition, a system for scoring cargo owners and carriers, as well as their automatic matching, will be introduced.

    The platform will also develop a reporting system and financial services. Coordination and support services will be automated. In addition, the plans of the MONOPOLY Group of Companies include the implementation of a sustainable development strategy.

    All of these changes will help the company grow into an ecosystem. We plan to develop and introduce new services that will make working with us comfortable for any client.

    28. 07. 2021 | Moscow

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