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    Tariff growth and digitalization: companies discussed trends of the freight market

    28. 07. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

    The trends of the freight market and forecasts for its development were discussed by leading experts at the intersectoral meeting, which took place on July 1. The organizer was SCM Alco industry project.

    The MONOPOLY Group of Companies was represented by the commercial director Evgeny Ivlev.

    The participants summed up the half year results. According to Evgeny Ivlev, despite the difficulties associated with last year lockdown, there is now an increase in number of cargo shipments.

    «We see the interest of cargo owners in placing orders on the Monopoly.Online platform, there has been no low season since last summer», — said Evgeny.

    Discussing the trends, the participants agreed that one of the main tendency of recent years is tariff escalation. Most of the speakers have noted 10-15% increase.

    MONOPOLY Group of Companies is solving the problem of increasing tariffs by developing the Monopoly.Online platform, which unites all stages of FTL transportation in a single digital environment.

    «We are trying to move away from the usual tender model and change to dynamic price formation on the platform. The cargo owner dictates the acceptable price, but the freight carrier himself chooses the direction and the price that he likes. Thus, they easely regulate their relationship on the platform, which are acceptable to everyone», — said Evgeny Ivlev.

    In addition, the company is trying to reduce the cost of owning equipment, which also makes possible to regulate tariffs.

    «All transport companies know that fuel is one third of the total cost. We have the MONOPOLY.Fuel service, which helps to build a route through those gas stations where the price for fuel is the lowest. This allows you to save on average two rubles per liter along the route, which significantly reduces the cost», — added Evgeny.

    In the future, according to the participants of the meeting, the trend for tariff escalation will continue. According to Evgeny Ivlev, companies should strive for consolidation and digitalization. Platforms such as Monopoly.Online should be developed everywhere.

    «Digitalization gives us a cost reduction and an opportunity to look differently at business processes. Our company is now undergoing a transformation: we implement a product approach and are going to add more and more features to the platform to optimize all processes: ours, both cargo owners’ and carriers’», — he said.

    The Monopoly.Online platform allows cargo owners and carriers to place or find cargo, get discounts on fuel and refuel conveniently without fuel cards using STS. In addition, here you can take orders from trusted large cargo owners and get assistance in switching to electronic workflow.

    The platform is constantly evolving. New features and services are added. This makes the process of cargo transportation comfortable and profitable for all the participants.

    28. 07. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

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