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    Which tires does MONOPOLY Group of Companies choose: expert opinion

    28. 04. 2021 | Saint Petersburg
    Which tires does MONOPOLY Group of Companies choose: expert opinion

    The MONOPOLY Group of Companies has been working on the market for 15 years and during this time it has formed its own strategy to optimize performance. One of the issues is the correct choice of tires — not only car condition depends on it, but also fuel consumption. Pavel Kyssa, the leading specialist of the tire accounting service of the MONOPOLY Group of Companies, spoke about this area of work to the portal рейс. рф.

    «There are 1380 trucks in the MONOPOLY Group of Companies. Cargo transportation is carried out throughout Russia, which imposes special requirements on the choice of tires. It must provide an excellent grip at any time of the year, to be highly cost-effective as for fuel consumption, and also demonstrate good indicators in terms of resource.

    In 2020 our company purchased about six and a half thousand Goodyeаr tires to complete the fleet. On the steering axles we put Goodyear FUELMAX S GEN-2 or Goodyear RHS II in dimension 315/70 R22.5. We mount KMAX GEN-2 or Goodyear RHD II + on driving axles in dimensions 315/70 R22.5. For trailed axles we use Goodyear KMAX T GEN-2 or Goodyear KMAX T CARGO in dimension 385/65 R22.5. When purchasing new equipment, we also negotiate with the dealer about the assembly of complete set of tire models for trucks and semi-trailers», — said Pavel.

    The selection of Goodyear tires was the result of field trials, which revealed that the most efficient cost per kilometer and 10-15% higher performance in comparison to competitors, previously used by the company.

    Pavel also emphasized that in order to increase the mileage of tires before they are decommissioned, the MONOPOLY Group of Companies with the help of partners in other cities is practicing cold tire retreading. «Our statistics shows that Goodyear has a retreadable casing of 90% for steering and drive axles and 60% for trailed axles».

    MONOPOLY Group of Companies uses only high-quality and proven tires for its fleet, which ensures safety during the transportation of goods. Indeed, in such a responsible work, all factors must be taken into account so that both employees and customers are satisfied with the work.

    28. 04. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

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