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    Self-sufficiency is the key to success. The trip planning experiment at MONOPOLY.Business accepts new participants

    30. 09. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

    We wrote earlier that an experiment on trip planning was launched within the MONOPOLY.Business project. Its results showed that most participants can cope with this work independently, so we decided to give even more entrepreneurs the opportunity.

    The essence of the experiment is that the participant chooses the orders for transportation in the platform, plans them by himself and at the same time tries to keep his monthly income at a proper level. Since 14 participants were successful with the project, we decided to scale it up. We have now added another 50 people to the experiment, who will soon move on to work with self-scheduling trips.

    Such a program was introduced for a reason. The fact is that the goal of MONOPOLY.Business is to raise real entrepreneurs, who can build their work effectively. And trip planning is precisely an integral part of this process.

    We are confident that entrepreneurs will benefit from this experiment, because its interim results can already be considered successful. We recall that we are always open to dialogue and try to answer all their questions. Therefore, even participating in such an experiment, an entrepreneur can always consult us to resolve any point.

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    30. 09. 2021 | Saint Petersburg

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